Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fishman's Next National Plan: More for January

Yes, it's never too late to add another great item to the January Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

Case in point: this Wednesday, January 23rd, the University of Michigan's Robert Fishman will take on the myth of the paucity of national planning in the United States, at the Great Cities Institute

Earlier, at lunchtime at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Architecture for Humanity/Chicago's Katherine Darnstadt will discuss recent and upcoming projects.  On Tuesday, there's a meeting of the 2030 Commitment Chicago Working Group at AIA/Chicago, and on Thursday, ULI/Chicago will be taking on the prospect of Chicago: The Next Technology Hub with a morning panel at the Union League.

And this Saturday, it's the latest edition of the Future City Regional Finals, in which 7th and 8th graders are introduced to engineering with SimCity and design idealized cities, in computer simulations, models, essays and presentations.  It's at the Student Center East at UIC.

Check out the nearly 20 great items still to come on the January Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

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