Monday, June 05, 2006

A New James Turrell Skyspace comes to a very different Maxwell Street

The University of Illinois at Chicago refabricates the neighborhood formerly known as Maxwell Street as a new and very different urban reality. Read all about it and see all the photographs here.


Anonymous said...

Yet another cornball diatriabe by yet another cornball fool about the evil UIC and its evil conspiracy to displace the poor and opressed of the world.

what is it about the Near West Side that turns otherwise normal people into blabbrering idiots?

Lynn Becker said...

"evil UIC," "evil conspiracy" "poor and oppressed of the world" - none of these things appeared in my post. When it comes to blabbering idiots (or "blabbrering idiots" in this case), you got me beat by a mile, pal.

Anonymous said...

As a child, my Jewish girlfriend and I[also female] sold bags of hard candy from the tailgate onfher father's van-style truck of Sunday afternoons. We could find all sort of STUFF on Maxwell street, but the smell of Polish sausage and sourkraut was the most overpowering memory to date. This was 60 years ago and I can almost still taste the delectable sandwiches which were the forerunners of HERO type sandwiches. They can't tear that down.