Monday, June 26, 2006

Office in a Bucket - (Wasn't That a Song by Sting?)

Courtesy of the Liquid Treat newsletter, here's news of the latest innovation from London's Inflate, a company dedicated to creating "inflatable structures of all scales". Office in a Bucket is just what the name implies - an inflatable nylon office, conference room or "chill out area" that comes in its own portable bucket. (Batteries not included.) Simply plug it in and watch it expand like some maniacally fast-rising dough. As if life in a cubicle wasn't tenuous enough, now your boss can literally take the wind out of your idea by simply disconnecting a power cord. Oh, and it's perfect for free range chickens, as well. Not to be outdone, The Pleasure Chest is reportedly commissioning Specialty Retailer in a Plain Paper Sack.

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