Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Robocop Channels Frank Lloyd Wright

Peter Weller, the actor whose film work ranges from Robocop to David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch, will play Frank Lloyd Wright in the Goodman Theatre production of Frank's Home, which begins previews on November 25th, with a run from December 5th through the 23rd. The play is written by Richard Nelson, whose musical adaptation of James Joyce's short story, The Dead, was an intimate Broadway triumph in 1999, and it's being directed by the legendary Robert Falls, fresh from his recent staging of King Lear with Stacy Keach. Read about it here.

(our thanks to AIA/Chicago's Joan Pomaranc for bringing this event to our attention.)


Jason said...

The idea of Robocop playing FLW was so funny, I almost choked on my lunch.

Anonymous said...

This is the Peter Weller that is the popular fine arts professor at Syracuse University?