Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wirt Dexter postscript

Today's Chicago Tribune has a great article by Ron Grossman and Josh Noel, covering the sad recent history of Adler and Sullivan's landmark Wirt Dexter building, leading up to its destruction by fire on Tuesday. The story draws heavily on an interview with preservation Jim Peters of Landmarks Illinois, who says the fire was starting by workers using acetylene torches to cut up an old boiler in the basement for scrap. Peters a touching profile of owner Loraine Phillips, who had been hoping to renovate the building back to its former glory. It's a tale of missed opportunties and soured business deals. - the story's lead is Peters saying she had just been seeking advice and funding from Preservation Illinois for restoring the building. She apparently had no insurance on the structure, which is currently being demolished, the famous back wall with its tall external iron beams being the first to go yesterday afternoon

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