Monday, March 19, 2007

Studio/Gang's Aqua Begins to Flow

It's actually happening. Aqua, the rippling 82-story tower designed by Studio/Gang's Jeanne Gang and Mark Schendel is beginning to rise on its site at Columbus and Lake in Magellan Development's massive Lakeshore East complex.

You usually don't see all the things that go into a skyscraper laid out before you like a jigsaw puzzle ready to be assembled, but that was the case this weekend, as crews from McHugh Construction, the contractor of record for the project, were preparing for the sinking of the cassions that will support the tower. See the pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

They’ve been drilling for almost two weeks now, and we have constant humming from the machines. Our office building is right next to the Aqua site…lucky us.