Thursday, June 14, 2007

Edward Lifson has left the Building

Word via Edward Lifson's New Modernist blog that Lifson has left Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ - where his Hello, Beautiful has been an indispensable program for architecture and the other arts - to become a Loeb Fellow at the Harvard School of Design. As someone who was lucky to just make it through high school, I'm not entirely sure what this all means, but I know its a big deal. I'm sure great things will come out of it, just not here. So the outflux of Chicago architectural commentators continues - first Archidose's John Hill, studying in New York, and now Edward. More to follow, but best wishes to Edward.

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Edward Lifson said...

Thank you Lynn! Yes, I am thrilled about this great opportunity. And I'll continue to learn 'what's Chicago?' from your blogs. And I'll be back. I'll be back on the radio and the web.

Until then, keep up the strong, thoughtful and biting work in this great, provocative town.

Best regards as always,