Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Preservation Chicago's Voice Helps Fill a Void

Just after writing about the contraction in writings about Chicago architecture, I was pleasantly surprised today to be handed by Jonathan Fine, President of the grass-roots advocacy group Preservation Chicago, the latest issue of its publication The Voice, which carries the subtitle, The Quarterly Journal of Preservation Chicago."

The 12-page Spring-Summer 2007 issue has the ill-fated Farwell Building as its cover girl, and inside Fine has a good article on the sorry charade that has led the Michigan Avenue landmark to its assignation with the wrecker's ball. There's a second piece, with four informative photos, on Preservation Chicago's current priority, the battle to save Jarvis Hunt's 1927 Lake Shore Athletic Club, which Fifield Properties is seeking to demolish for a Lucien Lagrange condo highrise. The clock is ticking - if no action is taken to designate the structure a landmark by July 12th, it's rubble city.

The Voice is provided free to Preservation Chicago members. Memberships start at $35.00 yearly, $15.00 for students. The quality of the content, however, makes it more than just a house organ/newsletter. It's definitely worth checking out. Previous issues are available as PDF downloads on the organization's website.

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