Wednesday, April 02, 2008

From Adjaye to Mau and Marshall to hotels for fish - Over 60 Events on April Architectural Calendar

OK, seriously now, if you've been considering cloning yourself, April may be the month to do it.

From David Adjaye (at both IIT and Chase auditorium for CAF) to Bruce Mau and Kerry James Marshall at the Art Institute and Neil Denari at UIC, there's over 60 great events on the April calendar. You want more? How about Ross Wimer talking about SOM's future, Bill Donnell talking about his 30 years as owner of the Monadnock Building, Sulan Kolatan, Rocio Romero, Brian Goeken, Sylvia Lavin, a Vince Michael trifecta, Robert Bruegmann, and Smith and Gill.

Resistant to the cult of personality? All right, there's planning in China, Emily Roth on Unity Temple going green at 100, Benjamin and Cohen on their new book covering 50 years of great Chicago houses, the latest Archeworks papers, a new 306090 all about models that doesn't once mention Heidi Klum, a sustainable 2016 Olympics, Lucien Lagrange on LaSalle Street, E.C. Botti on restoring the Cultural Center's Tiffany Dome, SEAOI's annual Bridge Symposium, a CAF panel of preservationist illuminati, fish hotels on Michigan avenue - trust me, there's a lot.

If you can't find something that peaks your interest, frankly, our relationship may have come to a serious impasse.. Check it all out here.

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