Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Civic Nihilism: This is your Olympics

The Hideo Sasaki landscaping was one of the glories of the Michael Reese campus. Mayor Daley couldn't wait to see it destroyed. Graham Balkany has posted a page of photographs of the wanton vandalism that the city has already been visted on the Michael Reese site. Here's just one example:

There was absolutely no need or reason for this act at this time, except to deliberately destroy beauty to make the site worthless, to leave no other option but acquiescence to the mayor's Olympic obsession.

Mayor Richard J. Daley asked, "What trees do they plant?" His son answers, "We rip 'em up by the roots and throw them away. Who cares?" See more photos of his handiwork here.


Unknown said...


We know the buildings are doomed, but couldn't the planners of the new development at least attempt to preserve the trees? One word: DUMB

Anonymous said...

I am literally crying after viewing those photos. For shame!