Friday, July 02, 2010

Gang Weave, Nature Boardwalk Preview, and What to Do This Weekend

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Last week marked the opening of the spectacular new Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk that has replaced the previous, bemucked, concrete-lined lagoon.. We expect to be writing a lot more about this, but for now, we present just a few shots of the pond and of the equally remarkable Peoples Gas Education Pavilion, designed by Studio/Gang, in the hopes you'll take the hint and do yourself the pleasure of checking it this holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Becker for the insight - I just mentioned it to the family and were going - btw always enjoy your writings - keep up the great work and happy holidays to you and yours.
Joe Palatinus

Anonymous said...

A downgrade-not a fan of turning Viable, healthy, and in this case, classic park spaces into "interactiVe exhibits". How many trees were felled and fish killed so that we might attain a greater sympathy for "nature". A stately space sacraficed.

Anonymous said...

After having visited the site, I've decided to temper my above complaints. Very pleasant on a cool summer night, although, while I have once fallen into this very lagoon, I think they went overboard with the fences. The lighting schemes are particularly well executed, and it's nice that the space finally presents an easily navigable circuit.

Lynn Becker said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for the update. I'm told the fences by the water should come down when the vegetation grows in. We'll see. Should have a more detailed piece on the boardwalk up soon.