Monday, January 31, 2011

Ontario Street - fast food gulch?

 We recently wrote about the owners of the old Museum of Contemporary Art hoping to chop it up into several different fast food facilities.  Now comes word from Crain's Chicago Business that their neighbor, the recently abandoned  U.S. Post Office, has been purchased for $5.9 million by a firm that proposes to do exactly the same thing.  In no time flat, we could be seeing a festival of up to eight more junk food outlets one after another, like pins in a bowling alley, just with a lot more calories and fat.

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Anonymous said...

This is so sad !! It was one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood. As an architect I appreciated its minimalist design, clear lines and great use of materials such as concrete and glass, as well as the "Film & Tape Studios" print on the facade. It was so unintrusive to its surrounding, yet a bold statement and a great example of modern architecture. I just found out, here on this blog, what I was fearing the most - that they will convert it into another fast food restaurant. Such a shame !! Slowly but surely whoever allowed this to happen - not to mention the future of Bertrand Goldberg's Prentice Hospital, a brutalist masterpiece, is ruining the character the Streeterville once had.