Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The future of WTTW in just one word: Exfoliation

Just when you think Chicago PBS outlet WTTW's shameless corruption can't get any worse, they manage to sink even lower. As it has for every day for the last week, Chicago Tonight was thrown off the air after half an hour Tuesday night in favor of "special pledge programming", which on this particular evening means Dr. Denese, on loan from QVC, lecturing on "Ageless Skin" and hawking her videos, exfoliating pads, creams and serums as premiums for high-end viewer contributions.

I'm not making this up. What's next? A seminar on erectile dysfunction with creepy smiling Bob from the Enzyte commercials in studio for the pledge breaks? Increasingly for WTTW, programming is little more than the filler between the commercials and the fundraising. Why not sell it all off to Barry Diller and be done with it?

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Ambrina said...

I agree your notion