Thursday, June 22, 2006

Out of Time at the Wrigley Building?

Look, ma, no hands! For the last several weeks, the Wrigley Building's famous clockfaces have been denuded of both big and little, reportedly removed for their own protection during the tower's renovation. We wish them a speedy return, but for now, at least at the foot of the Mag Mile, it's pretty much any time you care to imagine.

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Matt Maldre said...

Wrigley clock mystery solved

Published June 18, 2006

We've heard all kinds of stories about the missing hands from the Wrigley Building clock. There's the one about the wind blowing them from the clock tower. There's the one about some frat boys stealing them as part of an initiation prank.

Wrigley Building spokesman Chris Perille assures us that nothing strange has happened. Perille explained that the top of the building--including the faces of the four-sided clock--is undergoing a regular maintenance and cleaning cycle. Work should be done sometime in August. "In order to get to the actual clock, you need to get rid of the hands," he said. "So the hands are safely in storage."

At least they were the last time he checked.

source: Chicago Tribune