Thursday, November 30, 2006

Featherless Chickens Coming Home to Roost? Is Bruce Mau Chicago bound?

WBEZ's Edward Lifson has a posting this afternoon on his blog speculating that graphic designer and futurist Bruce Mau, whose exhibition Massive Change is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art through the end of this year, may be pulling up his Toronto roots and moving to Chicago "and/or open a branch here of his Institute Without Boundaries." A bit of a log-rolling lovefest has apparently broken out between Mau and Mayor Richard M. Daley. Massive Change heaps copious praise on the mayor, and the mayor, in turn, presented specially created awards to Mau and all the other participants in a recent symposium tied in to the exhibition. Lifson thinks Mau may be coming here to help Mayor Daley prepare a Burnham Plan for the 21st Century based on sustainable design, but I'll be happy if he just musters volunteers to bio-engineer an alewife with a voracious appetite for zebra mussels - oh, and maybe a new breed of toilet-trained sea gulls to eat the alewives.

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