Friday, December 22, 2006

Calatrava Spire regains taper in "Version D"

No renderings appear to be had yet (and if you have them, please forward so I can post them), but Kevin Nance, architecture critic of the Sun-Times, and Blair Kamin, architecture critic at the Tribune have stories today on another round of changes to Santiago Calatrava's proposed 2,000-foot-high Chicago condo tower. The previous iteration, announced earlier this month, bulked up the building to 3,000,000 square feet, and eliminated its namesake spire. Kamin and Nance report that a new version, that restores a taper to the top of the project, is being run past the mayor, community groups, and the city's architectural in-crowd, apparently to a very positive response.


Anonymous said...

That building is so hot it makes my toes curl! Cigarette anyone?

Anonymous said...

This developer is a public relations genius, maybe better than Trump.