Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Little Yellow Copter that sells Chicago

The Real Estate section of this week's Crain's Chicago Business has a great series of profiles of offbeat but essential jobs in building and maintaining the city's architecture. There's Mark Segal and Jeff Jones, whose 5-foot long helicopter - when it's not attracting the attention of Homeland Security Agents - provides all those pictures that provides prospective buyer an idea of the view out their new condo window long before the tower is actually built. There's architectural model maker Martin Chadwick of Presentation Studios, Curtis Brown, construction superintendent at Trump Tower, and the project's construction elevator operator Mike Smith, and Klein and Hoffman's Mary Brush, inspecting the terra cotta at Holabird and Roche's Monroe Building, 168 feet above the pavement. It's a fun and informative read. and it all begins here. (Crain's Chicago Business photograph by Callie Lipkin)

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