Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Tree Grows in MoMo

They may look a bit forlorn - it's too late to get much of a bloom this year - but if you look up while standing outside the ABC7 studios, you can see the all but bare branches of a series of trees that have been planted atop the base of Booth/Hansen's MoMo development at the northeast corner of State and Randolph, part of an eventual roof terrace that's the vertical prelude, complete with a central, three-story high hole, to the building's 409-foot-high residential tower.


Anonymous said...

When this was still just framed out and I was over by Chicago Temple, I thought it was kind of cool with this big open void in the middle of the building.
But as I walked on the West side of State street the other day I realized you can't see it from close up, and what with the SAIC dorm across the way and whatever's going up on Block 37, will there be anyplace from which you can see the big hole, except for being up there in it?

Anonymous said...

If B37 still has a public rooftop, I guess there.