Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Modern takes Wing, OWP/P gets Cannonized, and Firms Conspire: Chicago Architecture in the News

Hedy Weiss takes on the Modern Wing - After the Trib and Blair Kamin did their mega-piece last Sunday. This week it's the Sun-Times' turn, complete with floorplans and many quotes from architect Renzo Piano, including, "In some ways Chicago invented modern architecture as we know it." Quick: get this man to Bob Somol for deprogramming!

OWP/P gets Cannonized - Crain's reports on how, only months after its big 50th birthday anniversary, the venerable Chicago architectural firm has been acquired by New York based Cannon Design.

Chicago Design Matters? - Crain's also reported this week that Studio/Gang, Krueck and Sexton and DeStefano + Partners have joined forces to market themselves globally, with an emphasis on what were, until recently, the boom economies of China, India and the Middle East.


John Hill said...

FYI: The last link isn't correct. Here's the right one.

Lynn Becker said...

Thanks for the catch. Link corrected.