Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pecha Kucha 9, Woodhouse, Preservation Chicago, Model City, Jens Jensen, Bucky, Uncle Dan, Aunt Bertha, Pilgrim Baptist, - 60 events on June calendar

By the end of the month, people will be heading out to the beach and events get scarce, but until then, we've got 60 - 60! - architecture related events on the June calendar.

It starts out with the Grant Park Advisory Council considering the new Burnham Memorial, then there's Pecha Kucha 9 on Tuesday, a three day symposium on the legacy of Jens Jensen, Preservation Chicago's Pilsen fundraiser, SEAOI's annual banquet honoring the best engineered buildings of the year, Chris Lee talking about plans for restoring Adler & Sullivan's Pilgrim Baptist, at CAF. where on another date Dirk Denison will also be speaking. Also at CAF, Donald L. Miller discusses Daniel Burnham, while Arthur Miller discusses Edward Bennett and Uncle Dan's shadow for Landmarks Illinois at the Cultural Center.

There are receptions for new exhibitions: Model City, at CAF, David Woodhouse Architects, at I Space, and Daniel Burnham's Vision of an American Metropolis, at the Newberry Library. Again at CAF, Grahm Balkany talks about the Walter Gropius legacy at the Michael Reese Hospital that the city's hot to destroy. (The campus has now been sealed off so people can no longer see what they'll be missing: surprise, surprise.) And then there's this year Canstruction at the locale formerly known as the Apparel Center. Could this be the year we'll see Trump Tower realized in tuna and sardines?

Check it all out - and decide for yourself what you can't miss before you bundle the family and its pets into the Rambler American . . . here.

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