Friday, May 29, 2009

Reap What you Sow. Supreme Court declines to review hack judge's decimation of landmarks law

Crain's is reporting that the Illinois Supreme Court has declined without comment the Daley administration's appeal of the ruling of a lower court led by a hack political judge that decimated the law that protects Chicago's landmarks. The case is now remanded for retrial but the original ruling is expected to provide the Cook County Court no other option but to affirm the original finding that the landmarks ordinance is unconstitutional. Read Crain's report here. Our original report here.

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I recently had the opportunity to help select a management company for my condominium assosciation. We chose a company other than Draper and Kramer, believing that they were the more competent. But the vote was close. Had we, had I, known of D&K Vice-President Hannah's involvment in this suit they would never have been considered.

Now we know. Thank-you. It is possible to "act" in as many ways as you have readers. And in 2009 the Architectural Community is not without resources.