Monday, July 06, 2009

It's the 6th of the month: Time for the July Calendar!

The pace may be slowing as people are remanded to the countryside for summer, but there are still over three dozen great events on the July calendar. Pecha Kucha goes out on the road for Volume 10, down to Doug Garafolo's Hyde Park Arts Center, where they promise to make use of those spectacular projection screens. (And because it's not at a bar, the event is both free and open to all ages.)

If you missed Dennis McClendon talking about the Plan of Chicago for Friends of Downtown on the 2nd, he'll tackle the subject again for APA Chicago on the 21st. Elsewhere, there's Rachel Crowl and Julie Fisher of fcStudio inc at a CAF lunchtime lecture on the 8th, where Steven Monz talks about Benjamin Marshall on the 15th, David Swan discusses the Fine Arts Building on the 22nd, and Mary Woolever takes on Edward Bennett on the 29th. Also at CAF, there's a big symposium, Reinventing Public Investment, on 14th, Architreasures has there Jewels in July 2009 benefit at Room and Board on 15th, and AIA/Chicago has events with Edward Torrez talking about Howard Van Doren Shaw's Marktown on the 8th, and Peter Janko on the restoration of the stunning Palmer House Grand Ballroom chandeliers on the 9th.

But wait - there's more! (Did I mention kickball) And, no, I'm not putting all the hyperlinks in this post. Check out all the great July events here.

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