Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow, if only the city always moved this fast - newsstand now in place

As can be seen in this photo provided courtesy Edward Lifson, the city, amazingly, has already put the replacement newsstand in place at Chicago and Michigan.

Yes, it's plug ugly - a heavy-lidded tool shed in Bob Stern black, and I wonder how badly this metal can heats up should Chicago ever gets to summer - and yes, as predicted, ads for the 2016 Olympics are plastered all over it, but it appears to be generously proportioned, with a fair amount of display windows. Here's hoping proprietor Anil Modi is back in business shortly, with minimal loss in income, and enjoys a long, prosperous future serving the appetites of we hopeless addicts of the printed page.

(Also check out Edward's blog for the first photo of fabric inching its way onto the aluminum frame of Zaha Hadid's Burnham Pavilion in Millennium Park.)

From the Chicago Architecture Blog, here's a great post with photo's showing the new(stand) being hoisted into place.

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