Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reid Murdoch Tower gets Whirlpool Tattoo

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The Whirlpool Corporation has opened a new 30,000 square-foot "flagship brand and product experience center" i.e., "showroom" in non PRspeak, in Chicago's 1914 Reid Murdoch building, designed by architect George Nimmons.
The eco-focused facility was built at this Chicago historic landmark building using locally-sourced construction materials; materials made from recycled, renewable and/or recyclable content; low-flow plumbing fixtures; and low VOC coatings. Even the construction waste was carefully recycled throughout the project. The location uses extensive day lighting, and includes a large outdoor space with an herb garden providing fresh ingredients for cooking demonstrations and events.
The facility includes "working kitchens, laundry rooms, garages and outdoor entertaining areas", as well as a memorial to the victims of the company's ill-fated 1930's Bidet-o-matic.

Whirlpool  is launching a year-long celebration of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the company's November, 2011 founding with the introduction of the first electric wringer washing machine.  Part of the celebration was a design competition for a logo, which received 40 entries from more than a dozen international design firms and ad agencies.  10,000 Whirlpool employees selected this:

For this they needed a competition?

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