Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Rethinking Madrid, Barcelona & Bilbao, Eric Owen Moss, Terzo Piano, Decarbonization in the Loop and celebrating The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan - the November calendar fills

We're still not done with the November Calendar of Architectural Events and, even with the holiday, we'rve already got over three dozen great items.  The Instituto Cervantes kicks off a three lecture series Restoring, Regenerating, Rethinking: The Urban Transformation of Madrid, Barcelona, & Bilbao, with a November 18th lecture by Ibon Areso, Bilbao’s strategic evolution. From the industrial to the post-industrial city, to be presented in Spanish with simultaneous English translation. The series is curated by the tireless Iker Gil of MAS Studio, whose Fall issue, Information, of the excellent - and free - periodical, MAS Context is now available for download.

The 18th is turning out to be one of those nightmare scheduling logjams that Chicago is prone to.  All on the same evening, there's a just announced lecture by Eric Own Moss for the Architecture and Design Society of the Art Institute of Chicago, Roger Frechette talking about the PositivEnergy Practice of Smith+Gill architects for AIA Chicago,  landscape architect Nelson Byrd Woltz lecturing on Stewardship and Design in the Urban and Agrian Landscape at Crown Hall, IIT, and architect Dirk Denision and chef Tony Mantuano talking about their new Terzo Piano at the Art Institute's Modern Wing while feeding you samples from the menu.

On Tuesday the 30th, AIA Chicago will celebrate with Ward Miller and John Vinci the publication of one of the most essential and stunning books of the year, The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan.  At AIA Chicago lunchtime on the 9th, Peter Kindel of Smith+Gill will be discussing their firms Decarbonization Plan for the Central Loop.  And on Thanksgiving eve, November 24th,  leading Chicago structural engineers will discuss the tensile and aerodynamic properties of the skeletons of turkeys, both before and after cooking.  Following the discussion, surviving turkeys will get to dress up as pilgrims and shoot randomly at spectators.

Start filling up your dance card: check out all the events we've added to the November calendar here.

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