Friday, January 13, 2012

ArchitectureChicago Plus Cancelled: SNOW!

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All pending posts have been sent to the sidelines.  The city of Chicago reels shudders experiences acute disappointment as the city is pounded riled slightly tickled with an inundation heavy blanket dusting of the season's first major snow.  Mothers weep and newscasters rail as they battle bravely withstand stoically try to not look bored as blinding sheets sustained downfalls disassociated flakes combine with gale force winds chilly gusts annoying puffs of air to send Loop traffic towards a standstill increased travel times competitive hydroplaning, leaving the paralyzed crippled oblivious city a winter wonderland  silent ghost town sidewalk cocktail of slush and crud, with just a dash of dog urine. (at least I hope it's dog urine.)

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Caroline said...

what a sweet snow-being!