Friday, January 06, 2012

John Ronan's Poetry Foundation wins 2012 AIA Honor Award

For someone who's been dead now for over two years, Ruth Lilly is having a really good year.  Two buildings that she made possible with her bequests have just been announced as winners of the American Institute of Architects' Honor Awards for 2012.

The first is Guy Nordenson & Associates' Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  The second is the new home for her beloved Poetry Foundation designed by Chicago architect John Ronan.

We're still working on our piece on the Poetry Foundation (see the Hugo post below for an explanation of my bizarre methods for avoiding work), but you can see and hear John Ronan discussing the project here.  Part one below.

And you can see our photoessay on the construction of the building here and here.


Esther said...

The architect for the Ruth Lilly Pavilion is actually Marlon Blackwell Architect. Guy Nordenson was the engineer.

A second Chicago firm and project won an AIA Award: Gioettsch Partners won an award for the Prairie Management Group in Northbrook.

Esther said...

Bad typing: that should be GOETTSCH Partners.