Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pop-Up Art Saturday: Show of Hands

click image for larger view
The Hatchery is an interactive [Pop-Up Art Loop™] storefront art installation designed by artist Dave Harding and engineer Nemil Stefanovic.  Located in a vacant corner storefront in the Loop (210 N. Wells), the piece aims to surprise and entertain the passerby by providing a user-activated light show.  In it's inactive state, the pointy fabric form is frozen in the space's center and pulses with light to attract the attention of the passerby.  Once the user activates the sensor, the programming suggests a rebirth and enlightenment through sequence and timing.  Additionally, "touches" are logged and later displayed through graphics and charts on the installation's website.

This may be slightly off-topic, but did I mention that when I was a very small child, I had recurring nightmares of hands coming out of the baseboards and grabbing me? Psychologists - professional or armchair - feel free to post your interpretation to the comments.

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