Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shimmering in the late summer sun: giant Kelpies land on Chicago's Lakefront

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When we first wrote about Andy Scott's The Kelpies last March, the 10-foot-high maquettes for the 100-foot-high sculptures being erected by the River Carron in Scotland were on display at Edinburgh Airport.
The two horse heads, fabricated of mosaics of interconnected steel plates, have now made their way to Chicago, to the great lawn that separates the Field Museum from the lakefront promenade.
Even at one-tenth scale, they're pretty spectacular, and there's a small steel human figure on one of the bases to give you an even better idea of the size of the actual sculptures.  The maquettes are part of this year's Chicago Sculpture International, and are expected to be in place for the next twelve months,
You can read all about how the sculptures were fabricated, how they will be inhabited, and the myth of Kelpies as mythical beasts haunting Scottish waterways, luring riders onto their backs, only to be plunged to the river bottom and drowned (consider taking the Wendella instead) - all in our original post, here.

Step back a few paces and see them confidently take their place among the icon towers of Chicago's skyline.


Anonymous said...

not a big fan of the location - they dropped another sculpture there as well.

it really breaks up the beautiful rolling grass in front of the field museum.

Anonymous said...

These look fantastic and it's great to see the whole waterfront coming to life with the various sculptures.