Monday, August 13, 2012

Tonight: Stanley Tigerman in conversation with Robert Somol at UIC

You may have noticed the August calendar isn't up - (Does anyone other those involved in the events covered even read the thing?) - but here's a heads up that tonight, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Gallery 100 of the Art  and Architecture Building at UIC, Stanley Tigerman will confer, converse and otherwise hobnob with UIC School of Architecture Dean Robert Somol.

It's just the first of four conversations - same time and venue - "on topics that are vital to the success of making ideas happen in the city" that will see Martin Felsen in conversation with Alexander Eisenchmidt on Tuesday, the 14th, Sean Lally in conversation with program director Kirk Wooller on Monday the 20th,  and Andrew Zago in conversation with Eisenschmidt, on Tuesday, the 21st.

It's all part of a collaboration with London's Architectural Association  and UIC as the 2012 visiting school, Campaigning Architecture, a "10-day international design workshop that will expose, explore, and develop multiple ways for campaigning architecture – enabling participants to combine the potential of design intelligence with the strategic power of propaganda, in order to get things done in the city."


Terry Murray said...

I read the calendar - and I don't even live in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

I read the calendar!!!

Bob Johnson
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Brett said...

I look at the calendar every morning, when I'm planning my day. Love it for the links and the events that aren't on my radar screen. Looking forward to August!