Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today: Aesthetics and Culture of Healing; tomorrow, Leveraging Preservation - still more new events for April

Yes, even headed into the last week of the month, we're still adding new items to the April Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

Today, Wednesday the 24th, Fred Foote of Walter Reed National Military Center, Mike Jager of Cedar Rapids Veterans Commission and architect Paul Alt will discuss The Healing Sanctuary: Aesthetics and Culture of Healing, at the Union League, where they will present prototype projects developed by architects and psychosocial design researchers.  Register by 3:00 p.m.  Lunchtime at CAF, there's also D. Bradford Hunt and Jon B. DeVries will discuss Does Chicago Plan Anymore?

Tomorrow, Thursday, the 25th, Arquitectos membership meeting at the offices of AIA Chicago will include Matt Cole of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago discussing Leveraging Preservation and Cultural Programming to ReBuild Neighborhoods.

Below it or not, these represent less than half the events taking place over the next two days.  Check out everything still to come this month on the April Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

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