Sunday, September 01, 2013

For Labor Day 2013: Worker Spaces, in Fiction and Fact

The Crowd - 1928, King Vidor, set direction: Cedric Gibbons, A. Arnold Gillespie
The Apartment - 1960, Billy Wilder, Art Direction: Alexandre Trauner
The Trial - 1962, Orson Welles, Art Direction: Jean Mandaroux
Playtime - 1967, Jacques Tati, Production Design: Eugène Roman
Western Union operations at Burnham and Root's 1886 Phenix Insurance Company Building,
111 West Jackson (demolished 1959)
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Unionville architecture, including a Temple to Painters
photograph NOT by Jyoti Srivastava; only Lynn Becker
From Jyoti Srivastava's Public Art in Chicago website:  Haymarket Memorial by Mary Brogger

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