Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Calatrava Spire Shrouded in Irish Fog

Donald Trump step aside. Garrett Kelleher may be the most confident developer on the face of the earth. Monday night - January 15th - the man behind the proposed Chicago Spire, the twisting 2,000-foot-high tower from superstar architect Santiago Calatrava - flew in from Ireland to present his project to a meeting sponsored by the Grant Park Advisory Council. But in patiently – mostly - taking on questions from an overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd that braved snow, ice and cold to pack Daley Bicentennial Plaza fieldhouse just east of Millennium Park, he raised as many questions as he answered. Read all about it - and see the pictures - here.


Anonymous said...

That's ballsy. Or stupid.

Anonymous said...

Well....process, shmocess...I guess if it gets built that's all that matters.

If it fails, perhaps Chicago will get its very own Ryugyong Hotel.

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryugyong_Hotel

Anonymous said...

Well done to a great Irish man. You have to have guts in this World. As the saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

Anonymous said...

From a distance, this building looks like a giant syringe needle, or maybe a partially eaten candy cane stick. It could be seen as a giant screw... well I could go on and on, but obviously none of these have good connotations!

Why would the people of Chicago and Mayor Daley allow such an odd/ugly/out of place structure be built in Chicago? Why can't anyone come up with a design that would fit with Chicago style of architecture - the architecture Chicago is known for, the architecture folks come to Chicago to see? Our architecture is known and loved the world over!

The building looks as if it belongs somewhere in Asia or some Arabic country. In the right environment maybe it could work, in Chicago it just looks ugly.

It's my opinion and I know the opinion of many others too.

Anonymous said...

Upcoming headline:"Chicago gets screwed,again!"

(Sorry couldnt resist,lol!)