Thursday, July 05, 2007

Toy Futures, plus Lego Sins of My Youth

Are Lego's mightier than the bulldozer?

ArtAsiaPacific magazine and the People's Architecture Foundation have handed each of a selected group of Asia's leading architects a white-bricks-only Lego set (who selected the pieces - Richard Meier?) with which to create models intended to be "exhibited and auctioned to raise awareness about architectural preservation in Asia . . . The project engages concepts of creativity through play and issues of urbanism, new design and heritage awareness that affect architects in a region undergoing dramatic change and development. " See some of the models and read all about it, here.

And while your at it, you can check out my own Lego juvenilia here, and leave your caustic and derisive comments here. I can take it . . . I think.


Denna Jones said...

nothing to be ashamed of - they look great!

Anonymous said...

if you can help find the $, we certainly would not might traveling the show to Chicago!!! wei wei

Anonymous said...

by the way, thanks for taken interests! Wei

Anonymous said...

Lynn, those are so cool!

When I was a child I built a huge city (although the buildings leaned towards a more suburban/horizontal axis) but it was awesome! Wish I still had it...thankfully I never threw away the bricks so I guess I could built it again (if I didn't have to work for a living, that is).

Anyways, awesome buildings, esspecially the courthouse.