Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Calatrava's Chicago Spire Seeks Persons of Interest

Look, but you can't buy - at least not yet, but you can see the ad on a finer bus shelter near you. Santiago Calatrava's design for the Chicago Spire continues to evolve. Read all about it and see the pictures here.

Plus - a bonus pop quiz. What do Marina City and the Chicago Spire have in common? (Hint: think giant phallus hats) The answer revealed here.


Anonymous said...

The Spire's teaser advertising is compelling and the logo is elegant.

As for Dick's moving into Marina City, I ask: why must every tourist venue in Chicago become a copycat Navy Pier-style magnet for low brow spenders? Just what that area needs--more drunks and midnight shouters.

At least for now, Millennium Park is spared the insult of yet one more Billygoat Tavern location, but if Gigi Pritzker starts liking ribs or cheezburgers, look out!

Anonymous said...

If it's true what Sullivan said, that "form follows function," I cannot wait to see the debauchery that will be these "interiors".