Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Landmark Event - Art Institute of Chicago Puts Marion Mahony Griffin's Magic of America on-line

Nearing the end of her long life, living in a house at 1946 West Estes in Chicago, Marion Mahony (1871-1961) finished her magnum opus The Magic of America as a loving tribute to the life and work of her late husband, architect Walter Burley Griffin. What emerges from its pages, however, is nothing less than a vivid portrait of an era, spread across two continents, America and Australia, a highly personal account of the birth both of modern American architecture and urban planning, and - by reflection and inference as much as directly - of Mahony Griffin herself, one of the most remarkable and enigmatic figures in American architecture.

Read all about it - and see the pictures - here.

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Anonymous said...

I knew something was being done with this manuscript but had no idea it was go online. Thank you for bringing forward this information. Amazing.