Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fish Liberation Army Strikes Today at Noon

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the May calendar. Posting Friday, I hope.

In the interim, here's an interesting event for today, Thursday, May 1st. Friends of the Chicago River will celebrate this season's opening of the McCormick Tribune Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum by releasing 200 baby bluegills into the Chicago River at noon. For just 5 bucks, you can actually adopt a baby bluegill, name it and release it. Just don't expect any thank you letters. (Fish can't write, and if they can't find a job upstream, be prepared they may come back to live with you for a while . . . just until things work themselves out.)

The Museum will also keep its doors open afterhours this Friday evening, as part of the second Looptopia extravaganza, which will offer 14 hours of programing - music, theater, art and spectacle - into the wee hours of Saturday.

And here, courtesy of Bob Johnson, is a photo of the actual event, as a bluegill wins its freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at your title, granted only those of us originally outside the area would. Fish is a popular acronym in NW Indiana and SW Michigan for Illinoisans - F****** Illinois Sh** Heads. Liberation from Blago would be a very good thing. Not the most mature response I know, sorry (hee hee).