Thursday, May 29, 2008

Woody Harrelson Olympic Stadium Unveiled

Via Archinect, here's a bd article, with pictures, on the latest stadium design for the 2012 London Olympics, lovingly wrapped in hemp. "No smoking the stadium" signs will be positioned every 50 feet along the facade. Locally, DEA officials have opened an investigation in case, as per recent reports, the London stadium is to be broken down and shipped to Chicago to be recycled for the 2016 games. Did I mention the shipping containers recycled as toilet pods? Porta-stadium; porta-potties. (Or, as we like to call them, Luxury Mobile Restroom Suites.)


Anonymous said...

Recyling the parts of a temporary stadium is a good idea.

However, to ship the thing across the ocean is ridiculous. Thing of the effective-carbon-footprint of shipping the parts.

Thus, the only sensible home for the dismantled stadium is somewhere in the UK. Keep your stadium parts, Brits.

No sloppy seconds for us. We'll build our own temporary stadium. In fact, we could then ship it's dismantled parts to somewhere in the U.S., e.g., to a college town somewhere, for use.

And no hemp. We don't want to get those college kids in trouble!

Jason said...

I like how 'Luxury Mobile Restroom Suites' links to Black Tie Event Services.