Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Richard M. Daley: 77th Greatest Urban Thinker

The Planetizen urban planning website asked readers to submit their choices for The Top 100 Urban Thinkers, living, dead, or moribund, and Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley made number 77 on the list, two spots ahead of Vitruvius, but way behind Daniel Burnham, who came in 6th. Jane Jacobs claimed the top spot with Andrés Duany at number two, and Frederick Law Olmsted coming in at number four. Jesus also received votes, but was disqualified by the editors. Planetizen's brief bio of the mayor reads as follows:
Daley was chosen by Time in its April 25, 2005 issue as the best out of five mayors of large cities in the United States, and characterized as having "imperial" style and power. He has presided over such successes as the resurgence in tourism, the modernization of the Chicago Transit Authority, the mayoral takeover of the Chicago Public Schools, the construction of Millennium Park, increased environmental efforts and the rapid development of the city's North Side, as well as the near South and West sides. He took over 70% of the mayoral vote in 1999, 2003, and 2007, without significant opposition.

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