Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bench still again, as aerial sculpture

Here's what may be the most intriguing view of Dan Peterman's bench on Millennium Park's Chase Promenade, from our indefatigable correspondent Bob. Johnson.

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Unknown said...

Cool photo, but this reminds me that I think the bench is only one of the problems with the space around Cloudgate. The street furniture is horrible and inappropriate for this setting. Plus, I think any street furniture around that space needs some "containment" - a different paving pattern or material, low wall, greenery, or, at the very least, should be arranged in a tighter group. I also think black is the wrong color.

I think the paving is a disaster. The concrete pavers are really drab and they show dirt because of their light color and uniformity.
If there was less paving it might not be as bad, but I think the best thing would be a higher quality paver - granite maybe. I do think it is essential to have something with a strong grid because I think the grid of the concrete pavers is wonderful reflected and distorted by Cloudgate.