Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chicago Air and Water Show in the air, Götterdämmerung in the ear

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What a trip -  watching fighter plans roar through the sky with Siegfried's Funeral Music, from today's L.A. Opera broadcast, as the background music.
 I stumbled upon a location with a great view, far from the madding crowds, which my equine friend, who seemed to be tripping out a bit on his own, promised not to reveal.
It's not nicknamed God-damn it's long, as my friend Lita calls it, for nothing.  My iPod ran out of juice and cut out dead before I got to hear the ending.  If anyone heard it all the way through, can you fill me in?  Did everything come out OK?


Moy said...

Ulysses S. Grant Memorial just west of LSD. Horse did give it away.

Dan said...

The ending? "After sitting through this whole operation, what do you hear? Laalala lala lalala la... You're exactly where you started from, twenty hours ago!"

Lynn Becker said...

Ah, yes - if only I had the presence of mind to consult my inner Anna Russell. Thanks, Dan.