Monday, August 23, 2010

Samuel Mockbee documentary debuts on PBS tonight - just not here

Thanks to Andrew Spatz for reminding me that PBS is debuting a new documentary: Citizen Architect, on Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio.  Good luck finding it in Chicago.  I did a search on the WTTW program guide for August and came up with nothing.  You can watch trailers for the film through either of the links above.  If anyone has any info on where this can viewed in the Chicago area, please pass it on.


TeamOneMentors said...

It looks like DirecTV channel 379 is airing it at 9:00pm tonight.

Anonymous said...

If I were PBS, I would become A Public Broadcast System and air what is left of intelligent masterfully crafted and inspiring material like Samuel Mockbee's Rural Architecture at Prime Time.

I am moved, and I am inspired by the prospect of each of us using our strengths, educations, and imagination to create new communities in order to overcome our immense problems of ignorance, homelessness, disease, and disorder.