Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Noel, Noel: Walgreen's Revival

click image for larger view (recommended)
 We intend to write about it more extensively soon, but for today, here's a preview photograph of the interior of what may be the world's most elegant drug superstore: architect Gardner C. Coughlen's 1919 Noel State Bank Building at Damen, North and Milwaukee. Closed for several years, it's been beautifully restored as one of Walgreen's five North American "flagship" concept stores (State and Randolph is another).  Official opening ceremonies will come early next month, but the "soft" opening is tomorrow, November 21st.  If you're anywhere near, stop by - it's a spectacular space of the kind they don't make anymore.


Jim Peters said...

Gorgeous, but also check out the CVS in the former bank lobby farther southeast on Milwaukee (Division and Ashland). Dueling adaptive reuse projects from companies that used to blow these types of buildings away.

kenneth schroeder said...

unfortunate that walgreens did not choose same fate for Greater Little Rock church at 843 w armitage.