Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mars realigns Wright, Achilles on the Glessner bowl, Caughman, Greene, Spirit of Design - still more for May!

A whole bunch of editions to the May 2013 Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

99% Invisible's Roman Mars, whose April appearance at Frank Lloyd Wrights Unity Temple was rained out, has designs 4 dignity has its' big Spirit of Design fundraiser at Ignite Glass Studio.
rescheduled for May 9th, the same day

On Tuesday, May 14th, Rolf Achilles lectures on The Glessners'Kutani ware bowl and Chicago's take on Japonisme at the Glesser House Museum, while on Thursday the 16th, James Caughman talks about Furniture, Fashion and Music in the 18th Century at the Baker Knapp and Tubbs Chicago Showroom, and on Wednesday the 9th, Jeff Greene of EverGreene Architectural Arts talks about Preservation at the SAIC.

We're up to nearly 50 great items this month.  Check out all the who, what and when's on the May 2013 Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

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