Wednesday, May 15, 2013

At Raw Point of Spring, a Journey through Chicago and its Architecture, Northern Excursion

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Last week, we offered a photographic excursion through the near South Side.  Today, we turn our attention north, to an exploration of the city as a flow of gestures - of construction, of art, of cultivated nature - creating a montage of visual incident in a continuity of ever shifting juxtaposition.

Even when you close your eyes the immersion persists.  You may, willfully, imagine yourself somewhere else, but in the reflections of sound and shadings of light, even through shut eyelids, the character of the exact GPS point at which you stand insinuates that moment of the city into your being.
This is the time of year when the constructed city, again in heat, is set off against rare, raw color, leaves an emergent neon green, branches overrun with blossoms red as an angry newborn's skin.

Continue the journey, after the break . . .

 A Digression, on the last seasons of a once mighty tree . . .

. . . the journey continues . . . 

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