Wednesday, May 01, 2013

René Magritte: Wrigley Rehab Designer?

Where's Waldo?  Above is a rendering released this morning of the huge windswept plaza to be created across from Wrigley Field as part of a $200 million rehab.  Can you find the single, tiny tree?

Truly weird.  Is it a subversive commentary on the death of nature?  An amenity for neighborhood dogs?

What's your explanation? (And thanks to Gregory Jenkins for pointing this out.)

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Matt Maldre said...

That's hilarious. A single tree. Maybe it's the statue for Kerry Wood. Get it? Wood. Tree.

My twin brother did a mockup of what Wrigley Field will really look like with the new advertising in the outfield and Jumbotron.

It's quite shocking.

Bill said...

Large trees would be great...but small trees would not have the chance to grow into large trees.

Having lived within a mile of Wrigley for many years, I can tell you that drunks will wreak havoc on any tree with less than a 5 inch diameter trunk and less than 40 feet tall. They rip off branches, break trunks, and pee on smaller trees. I've seen multitudes of trees in parkways ruined by drunk and immature behavior.

Trees are lovely and trees are expensive to plant. I suspect they are saving themselves the ongoing cost of replacing trees on a regular basis.

Vanessa said...

This is cool!