Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chicago Streetscenes - Memorial Day


Anonymous said...

Now Lynn, THESE are some surprising shots. I made fun of you last week when you posted the art student fairies sans shoes as some sort of “who needs Times Square to see funny looking people” imagery. You captured both the essence of the parade and memorializing one of our blessed freedoms in one particularly great shot: the Right to Freedom of Expression. Where else could you capture our men in uniform and a marquee of men in leather? THIS should be the shot we hold to show how far Chicago has come, diversity and acceptance, in 2006—the dichotomy of cultures separate but equal.

In addition, this goes out to everyone: who is that nutty guy wearing the Satanic-inspired, all-red outfit? I see that clown everywhere downtown, and he always wears some suit of many colors. I saw him at Cali Pizza Kitchen on Ohio a few weeks ago, and he wore a green jacket with tails and white spats. I think he is a little mentally whatever (insert p.c. phrase here). In addition to “70s Guy,” this man is one of those whackos I enjoy seeing.

Jeff said...

I think I've seen the best picture ever! Thanks!