Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sao Paulo goes Martin Luther on signage's ass

Imagine there's no neon
It's easy if you try . . .
Pope Benedict's current roadshow invocations against the Fleurs de Mal notwithstanding, it's hard to imagine Brazilians giving up sex, but perhaps even more difficult to imagine them giving up advertising - read all about it and see the pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Looking through the photo-set on flickr, the removed signage and empty support structures add a haunting abandoned look to the city. I don't think this is necessarily better. It's as though the city is in decline.

If I was the owner of the advert space, I would refuse to take the support structures down. Leave them up as a tombstones from a thriving city.

Anonymous said...

There is a Chicago artist named Matt Siber who takes photos of street scenes and digitally erases everything in the photo except for any text including license plates numbers, signage, banners, people’s T-shirt lettering, and even car bumper stickers. In exhibitions, he places the unaltered photo next to the edited print. Amazing that the reverse happened in real life.