Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Protesters Still Want Their Fields Back

This Sunday, May 6th, from 1:00 to 2:30 P.M. protesters from Fields Fans Chicago will gather under the great clock at Washington and State as part of their ongoing efforts to get Federated Department Stores to reverse its renaming of Marshall Field's flagship Chicago store with the Macy's brand. While declining to provide specific details, Federated has admitted that after the name change the store has continued to perform far below expectations. Fields Fans Chicago claims it has distributed over 30,000 leaflets and 45,000 label pins reading "Keep It Marshall Field's" and "Marshall Field's Forever".


Anonymous said...

I am guilty as sin. Horror of horrors, I Robert Salm, of sound mind and out of shape body, do swear that I had a lapse in judgment and bought a mattress from Macy-Field’s State Street last week. Yes, I am an idiot for crossing my own self-imposed “venture not across this line lest there be dragons there” imaginary boundary I placed around Macy-Field’s last fall. Yes I checked out Bedding Experts, Sears, American Mattress, and Bloomingdale’s Home, but Macy-Field’s had the best selection and are giving me 12 months to pay off an extremely overpriced Simmons. And to those wondering, YES, there really are dragons in there—big red dragons with huge red 5-pointed stars on them…everywhere...and those dragons were goaded by people dressed in black who had hunger in their eyes—they hunger for green, green as they will see less and less of since red is on the opposite side of green and will surely grow desperate. So I beg of you: do not itinerate past that imaginary boundary, or the dragons and hungry people in black will gorge your soul and steal your green too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I Will take part in this Protest on Sunday May 6th. Ever since Federated Stores arrived in Chicago, they came in like a "Steam Roller". Killing off the Brands we Love in Chicago,layoff employees(Nationwide) Closing Stores .Terry Lundgren,CEO & Pres.came in telling people "What we should Buy" and that he will "re-educated" the Marshall Fields Shoppers. The Nationwide Stores that Federated aquired "DO NOT WANT A DICTATOR" telling Shoppers what we have to buy. You see, my fellow Americans, Mr Lundgren just received a 15% Raise. Putting his Salary over $5 Million a year. Now I work hard for every dollar, and if I Shop at Macy's, Mr.Lundgren will take my dollars and put them in his pockets. My dollars will NOT go in the pockets of his employee's, where they belong. Federated Shareholders, its time that the Dictator is given the Boot!
Listen to the People on the Street ! We Want Marshall Fields Back ! Until then, we will shop at other stores that carry merchandise What WE LIKE !

Anonymous said...

Get a life people!!! SO WHAT IF MARSHALL FIELDS IS GONE! I've got news for all of you, at the rate Wal Mart is growing, all stores will be gone INCLUDING Macy's on State Street in the future because nobody can compete with them and watch someday Wal Mart will be in the Loop too. And then what? Are we going to boycott them? Lower prices, wide product selection including groceries, and friendly service??? Who wants that??? (Speaking Sarcastically)

As for me, I can care less if Marshall Fields is gone. They became obsolete just as many stores have over the past decade and figured with lowering profit margins and skyrocketing costs of doing business that it was time to go, so they sold to Macy's; someone who actually wanted them. Hey, if Macy's can make it in todays cut throat, undercutting marketplace by facing the wrath of the "big box" stores that basically surround the loop out in the burbs now, then by all means, good luck. So, with that being said, I ask you all, which is better, a nice Macy's in the old Marshall Fields' building trying to taylor to Chicagoans wants and needs and putting up with everyone's BITCHING, or a vacant shell of a building like the State Street Carsons now is?

Anonymous said...

We are NOT using the "B" word like you do. We are standing up as Free Americans. Get a life ? I need to get a job. You see, I was fired by Federated Department Stores, because I did not sign up enough customers for their Credit Cards. You know,it's not MY fault that the stores have NO Customers in the stores. I don't have any Health Insurance Now. When I use Macy's as a job reference, the interviewer says we'll call you.
So I'm out there fighting for the people who are left at that communist(RED STAR) Store. BRING BACK THE GREEN ! At least they cared about their employee's and their GUESTS ! !

buff said...

Marshall Fields is an institution. Whatever can be done, protests, boycotts, demonstrations, I can readily support them.

Macy is a very bad four letter word. More action is needed to convince FDS that the Marshall Field name must be restored to its North Division. Anything less is unexceptable.