Thursday, December 25, 2008

How Do You Fit Sears Tower Under the Christmas Tree?

One of the many wonderful gifts I received from my family this year was from my nephew Frank, this Lego building set of the Sears Tower (Cat not included).

It's part of a Lego Architecture line created with Chicago Legomaniac and model maker Adam Reed Tucker. The instruction booklet, which also includes two pages of information about the facts and history of the building, references other models of icons like the Seattle Space Needle and the Empire State Building. However, if you go to the Lego Architecture website, there's just a "Coming Soon" placeholder, and the only other Architecture series model for sale on the Lego website is one of the John Hancock Center, complete with corkscrew parking ramp. (Elsewhere, however, you can order a $300.00, nearly 6,000 piece Taj Mahal set.)

The home page of Adam Reed Tucker's own website, Brickstructures, also carries an "Updates coming soon" label, and the "Construction Sets" section is empty, but the Architectural Models section takes you to photos of some of Adam Reed Tucker's spectacular, large-scale Lego reproductions of not only the Sears and Hancock, but the Jin Mao, the never-to-be world's tallest 7 South Dearborn, the Burj Dubai and others.

And returning to the Sears Tower, it's unlikely that even Bruce Graham or Fazlur Khan could ever have anticipated how well the twin antennas would serve as a muzzle scratcher.

Happy Holidays One and All!


Anonymous said...

What?! No Marina City model??

JUSTIN said...

That is so rad! If I weren't broke I would have bought all of those!

Anonymous said...

I would have gotten this - if it hadn't cost $25! That's for 69 pieces - $0.36 per piece.

The Taj Majal is at least a reasonable $0.05 per piece.

Anonymous said...

my cats would like this...